Friday, August 12, 2011

Big day tomorrow! Mail art and more.

 This was yesterday's card and I had the best time thinking of a title for it. "The flash from Ray's camera let the Tiny Town residents blind for two days. They were not happy about his visits."  When I posted this on Facebook,  I got some funny comments. What fun.
 Today's card combines a monkey (or orangutan?) with the Cycladic Greek statue again. I've been really lucky to find these animals that the statue can balance on, right? I like making hats for them, too. The title of this one is The Balancing Act: "Yes," she thought, "we can stand like this for hours."
 Here are some cards I got from my friend Andrea, over in the U.K. She is very productive, I don't know how she has time to make all that she does. Inside the cards, she included tags and messages, some of which I send on to others that need a smile in the mail.
 This came from Diane in Illinois. Nice old papers and some silver foil. Diane asked if I'd received the sand, but I hadn't. She'd sent me some sand from a beach that I was familiar with in Chicago. Funny, her sand from 1149 miles away (1849km) didn't get to me, but a plastic baggie of sand from Normandy Beach in France, sent from Paris got to me. That's 6304 kilometers (3917 miles) away. And the stamp had fallen off somewhere. Isn't that amazing?
 The pool was so still this morning. The sky had lots of little puffy clouds in it, and the sun was somewhat obscured. See the reflection of the clouds? We did our exercises and by the time we were done, the sky was clear and the sun was hot.
 This is the mail that I got today from my friend Katerina in Greece. She mails them in envelopes and these two cards have some bits on them that I sent to her.
Here's one of my Pockets (small purses) that I made last year, from fabric & a button, that Andrea sent me. I donated it to the Richmond Peace Education Center's fundraising auction.
Tomorrow is my big event of the summer. I have a table at the Jonny Z festival, oh I've been telling you about this. Well, I'm all ready! The goods are packed up, the display board and signs are ready. The easel and chair have been dusted off. I'll be setting up around 11 a.m., and ready to go at noon. Fingers crossed that the weather will be nice, not hot, not humid, not raining, just nice with lots of people out enjoying the event.


phonelady said...

Good luck to you at the festival and hope you sell lots of potes !!!and lots of other crafts . take care and I will pray for good weather .

Margie said...

Hope you sell oodles my friend!

Found art blog said...

Oh I love that pocket you made!! That was the African fabric I got in Brixton, London so well travelled!!