Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Mail Art, a note, a feather and some new shoes

 This fall, we have 3 weddings to attend. When I saw these shoes, I was tickled pink! They are so fem and yet so comfy, and on sale! They are now my wedding shoes.
 Yesterday's mail art pieces are more of the minimal (or as Katerina writes Mimimal) with graphite. With these, I made marks, somewhat in the Cy Twombly style, Oh I wish, with the 9B graphite, on a large piece of watercolor paper. I ran a big brush with water over the lines I cut the paper into standard postcard sized pieces, getting 4 cards and some book markers out of it.
 Then I wanted to add a piece of collage to give a focal point. I used my large hole punch on my 1965 McCall's Magazine to get these nice gray-ish circles.
 I was really pleased with how this circle laid on TOP of the line fits so perfectly. Doesn't it look like the graphite goes OVER it? It doesn't it. I can't tell you how satisfying it is for me when this kind of thing works out.
 I do think these aren't very minimal, however. Even though only one collage element, too much line work. Today, I'm going to try to minimalize my pieces.  More to come, or rather, Less to come!

My doorbell rang this morning, it was my young neighbor. She handed me an envelope that said "open it" on the back and a cartoon balloon which said "Hello, Mim! Buy a new Dog!" Inside was this note and a feather from a Blue Jay.
We'll have to be sure that the next dog we get will be child friendly and like to play ball. See drawing above.


phonelady said...

Oh I just love those shoes and the letter from your neighbor. I also love the fact that the shoes are pink , my signature color . Well as far as the dog I think maybe you will decide when it is a good time .

Margie said...

You never cease to amaze me and I love how you post what you are thinking about what you are doing when you are doing it. The little note you got is priceless. Xo

Found art blog said...

I love 9B graphite and I love New Doggies!!!!!!