Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mail art, produce, and buttons

 I still have a few of these Greek Cycladic figure postcards. They are a challenge, like the pig postcards, but I think I've got my default for them: hats and something to balance on.  The hat is from a map I received from Alexis in Canada, who recently sent me a package full of maps, and stamps, and buttons (see below.) Lucky me, a present and it's not even my birthday!
 All of yesterday cards were altered cards with something red on them. It was fun to set a "theme." Doesn't this red bird look like he's just popping out through the gate?
 Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch, but the title is something about a red square emanating orange squares in the sky above Tiny Town. I wish I'd left enough room on the card to write a response from the Tiny Town residents. What did they think about this? What was their response?
 The pig cards give me a challenge and I have no default for them. This dream was all I could come up with, and I wrote something like "The pig had a strange dream about a red thing." Can you come up with some alternative?
 Yesterday was pick up at the Farmer's market. I couldn't resist the bell eggplants. I got this lovely striped one and a solid purple one. I've got one of them cooking on the stove with tomatoes and onions in a sort of caponata/ratatouille dish. Yum, my favorite thing to make with eggplants.  Tomatoes were abundant as were small pickling cucumbers, potatoes, onions, basil and more.
 My honey's fruit share was a peck of peaches and one small container of raspberries. The peaches are firm, I hope they don't all ripen at once! I think I see peach preserves in our near future.
Here are the buttons I received. They're big, which is perfect for use on my Pocket/purses. Love the colors, too.  My next batch of purses will be from vintage tea towels, which my honey has been buying for me on eBay. They aren't big sellers in my Etsy shop or even at fairs, but I'll be participating in a MadHatters Tea Party in the spring, so I'm preparing for that.

Good news, our weather is cooler than it's been, no earthquake after shocks, and our new A/C might be totally installed by the end of the day, just in time for autumn weather!

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phonelady said...

Hey there Mim do you need more buttons ? if you do get back with me and I will send you some . Do you prefer the big buttons or the small ones ? Let me know okay . We love our potes .