Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yesterday's mail art and some other stuff

 When I posted these on my MailArt365 group site, someone commented on their complexity because I'd been so minimal recently. And I do prefer minimal, but...
 I discovered that I still have a few of these commercial cards left over from a tin of them that I was given as a gift. They called out for alterations.
 The last two needed tape to obscure some element that I didn't particularly like, compositionally. I think Washi tape is like another default for me. If it needs something USE TAPE!!
 I've temporarily moved my essential mail art materials into kitchen along with the computer and scanner, to work there, while the A/C installation is going on. It's pretty nice in the kitchen with the overhead fan whirling away and the blinds closed. It feels coolish and a bit less humid.

  I was able to complete today's mail art early. It just all came together. I'll post that later today. It's minimal (or Mimimal, as Katerina says.)
 These macaroons (macarons) are made by someone we actually know. They were made for a fundraiser, which we attended. They were so delicious and beautiful in colors related to the event.  Veronica must have a mighty good dehumidifier to make macaroons in Richmond VA USA. You can see her web site here.
Yesterday, it was less humid so I sat on my patio bench to read and drink some iced tea. It was so lovely. This is the view down the walkway to the front of the house. Just beyond that gate is our broken, soon to be fixed, A/C unit. Isn't this a pretty view? The plants on the left are what I call "four-o-clocks." They bloom late in the afternoon. I have white, fuschia, and yellow blooms. They make me smile because they were all around my neighborhood, when I was growing up. They're my nostalgia flower. Do you have a flower,  that you remember from your childhood or a special time in your life?


phonelady said...

the sunflower dear .

Margie said...

Lovely Mim. What I remember rare moss roses, which do the same thing. Might they be the same? Also, love the cards with the words.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful view. I really like richmond. Being a florida native. I love humidity. I find atlanta too be way too dry. Miss me salt air! Which there were more small garden areas here vs huge lawns.