Thursday, September 01, 2011

Mail art and a "contest"

 Tip toe across the icy rocks: Whose idea was this?

I've enjoyed finding heads to put on these landscapes and come up with captions. They're for the 365 day mail art project, of course. I've gotten some funny comments on them, which I enjoy.

I have a few more of the postcards, but they're going to be more challenging to alter.

Yesterday, I went back to my minimal collage idea. Three pieces of collage material and a stripe. I cut the Washi tape thinner.   I used titles from the math book for this one and the next.

This morning, I stayed with the minimal theme, again cutting a thin stripe of Washi tape as the unifier.

Tree A - long seed pods
 THE CONTEST! Name these trees. 

I was wondering what these trees were. Maybe one of you can help me. If you can identify these (send me a link to some reference) I'll send you a prize. Be sure to leave some way for me to contact you.  First 3 people to get them correct get the prize/s.
Tree B - seed pods from tree that fell over

Tree C - Very pointy spikes on this seed pod

The seed pods are in a cluster. This cluster is about 6" long (15cm)

The tree is filled with these, sometimes in clusters. They look soft and fluffy but aren't. They've got mean spikes on them.
Tree B - knocked down by Irene!


mabb said...

Hi, Mim!

Tree A looks like a catalpa (aka catawba). We had several in our backyard at our former residence, and those long seed pods are very familiar to me!

The other two trees I don't know - yet. Will research when I am caught up on some mail art! I hope there's more competition by then - it's no fun to win by default! :)

Poor trees!

phonelady said...

Okay Im taking a stab at the trees thing guess 1 is some kind of maple tree guess 2 some kind of mesquite tree . So that is it for me and my guesses . although it was fun to try and find out .

Vagirl said...

I found your blog over the week-end! I enjoy reading it!
Here is the answer for Tree C.
It's a chestnut tree! Here are some links:

Margie said...

The first two are a riot!

Anonymous said...