Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mail art Update

 I discovered that I had 3 postcard blanks in a shiny green paper. Oh, so perfect for something simple
 I used some pieces of type cut from a LIFE magazine, circa 1965
 A think strip of Washi tape completed my designs. I got some fun comments on them when I posted them on Facebook. I really like how BOLD they are.
 This piece was done before the text pieces. The "divided" is a handtag from something my honey purchased awhile ago. It's done with an iridescent, holographic magic ink! The text is French, and a bit of Washi tape to finish it up.

More Tiny Town activity.
 Tuesday was the 2nd of 6 sessions of my 2d-Design class. We did the random experiences. They're a lot of fun and generate good examples of design principles.
Circles and squares, randomly placed, and secured. Next step, isolate an area, followed by discussion. Make something new!

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phonelady said...

wow mim you are so creative . I wish I was more creative . take care .