Monday, September 05, 2011

Some tree news and mail art

 Two of my readers identified two of the three trees for me. They are the Catalpa or Catawba, which I have a vague memory of from my child hood in Illinois, and the   Chestnut.  I thought it might be, having once seen some amazing chocolate candies in the window of a shop in Paris that were all spiky and being told they were chocolate replicas of chestnuts.  The third tree, might be a box elder, as suggested by one person, but the seeds look a bit different. I'll have to take a look at the downed tree again to see what the leaves look like. In any case, thanks for the answers, the research, the fun, the prizes are on their way.

Here are another from the series of minimal pieces with Washi tape and Maths titles (thanks Richard.) This is #276 "Minimal Cycle Base"
 This is #277, "The Lexicographic Product"
The papers are from old magazines, which has a color quality that I like.
This one is #278 and is entitle "The Cartesian Skeleton." I used two pieces of old paper and a bit of a drawing done by my 3+year old friend, Jonah. Moi LeSinge asked me if the line divided or united. That's a good question, which people can answer for themselves. I'll give my answer at some point. What do you think? Divide? Unite?

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Margie said...

Unite! Glad you got your tree answers Mim.