Sunday, September 25, 2011

a yummy dessert and Mail Art

 We went to a cooking lesson dinner tonight with our friends. The chef had donated this dinner for 4 last year at the Richmond Peace Education Center auction and we got it. We learned a lot and ate a lot. What an experience. This was the dessert. A fruit tart! We have the recipes for everything we ate and we're going to attempt to make some of the dishes. Now to buy a torch!! Yes, caramelize those bananas!
 For today's mail art, I used some of my restaurant recipes from this week. Since I had reconciled the check book and was going to toss them, when I realized that I hadn't made a receipt collage in forever! Joe's Inn is our local and we go there often, while Stella has opened her own new place, Stella's, which makes us so happy - the best spanakopita and tiropita and saganaki, among other delights. City Dogs is the place Chuck tried out yesterday Somehow circles ties this all together for me. The varying sizes give the piece some depth, so it's not so flat.

Here are some more circles. Adamandia, from Chicago, sent me this piece. The yellow lines are stitching! They mimic the drawn blue lines. Pretty cool!


phonelady said...

Oh my goodness now Im hungry mim for bananas LOL !!! I hope you do get the recipes cooked at your house . LOL !!!

mim said...

Seeing the chef work and getting hints from him was excellent, so I think I can make a tart like that. The entre was excellent, too. I might post the recipes on my recipe blog.

PamelaArtsinSF said...

You have a recipe blog too?
Love those postcards!!

Margie said...

That stitched card is really neat! Like your receipt card too!