Friday, September 30, 2011

A big shell, the tempest, and some Mail Art

 Last week, when I went to see the Peruvian embroidery exhibit, I strolled around the Lora Robins gallery and stood in awe before this gigantic clam shell. It's enormous. I wish I'd put something next to it so you could judge the size. Okay, my head would fit inside for one thing.
 Last Monday, we had torrential rains. They came so fast and heavy that we had an instant flood. I snapped this through my screen door. Sheets of water fell from the sky.
 This is #303 in a series I started the other day. The line is from a drawing by a 3 year old.
 In France, a friend gave me several old calling cards. I rediscovered them this morning and laid out four cards.
 I went off to Spanish Meet-up then went off to see an exhibit, which was fabulous and inspiring,  called Art=text=Art.
 I couldn't wait to get home to finished this series, #304, 304a,b,&c.
This was the only card with no black border so I felt like it need more to it. I added the rubber stamps that make it look so official. What I couldn't find were old French postage stamps. I used to have lots of them. I found tons of other countries.  The stamps I used are pretty old ones, so that worked fine.


Margie said...

Really like the use of the old calling cards Mim.

phonelady said...

Yep really like the use of the calling cards too and the old stamps . Kudos to you .

Found art blog said...

An outdoor swimming pool...?!