Monday, October 03, 2011

Tiny Town busy-ness

 This weekend was a Tiny Town extravaganza! I altered 5 cards, what fun. The first three are #305 series using images cut from an article about Washington, D.C. in the 30s. The girls were perfect as wall sitters.
 At first, I'd thought it'd be jarring with the figures in black and white, but hey, a big person on a tiny town is pretty jarring.
 In the titles, I refer to the fact that the girls are holding balls and the residents have some fear that they'll be dropped. Can you imagine a big ball rolling down that street!?
 For the 2 cards in my #306 series, I used images that were cut out of a book on Modern Art. The book itself is falling apart so why not make use of the images, right?  This red haired green gal is from a painting by Nolde.
This crazy sky is a painting by Kandinsky. I think that occasionally the sunsets in Tiny Town might look like this. It's possible. Anything is possible in Tiny Town.

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phonelady said...

wow you sure are busy with the tiny town cards are'nt you ? I love tiny town dont stop .