Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday and another wedding!

 Cheryl Penn, who's a book artist in South Africa, sent me two sets of photos that she'd taken of the top of a table in a painting studio. She asked me to alter and return one set.
 I decided to use a figure that I have multiples of, like this image a lot. I placed her on the photo in a way that I hoped would give the flat surface some depth. I then added a framing device to select a tiny portion of the surface, just as Cheryl had done in her selection of the larger area. I like the way the two images changed the depth and the perception of what was going on.
This is day #326's mail art. 4 bits from a drawer. I have a few more old photos and negatives to play with. I want to use them up before 30 Nov., which is the last day of the project. Yikes.

Here's a bit of information about the stamp in the previous post. My friend, Katerina in Thessaloniki, sent it to me.
It was issued the year our son was born.

 U.S. #1455
8¢ Family Planning

Issue Date: March 18, 1972
City: New York, NY
Quantity: 153,025,000
Printed By: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Printing Method: Giori Press
Perforations: 11
Color: Multicolored


phonelady said...

well just got home from the hospital after a three day stay . now more anti biotics and oxygen therapy

chris said...

You are a legend - trying to complete MailArt 365 on time. I didn't start till February (I think) & then with 3 months OS - I am WAY behind. Hope you get there - BrisChris

Margie said...

Very nice and a special stamp! Happy Monday Mim!!