Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday update

 I made this yesterday after finding out that my platelets, those little cuties, had risen to near normal level. I'm out of danger and so joyful! The past 5 days have been one of high anxiety, thus the Rescue Remedy lozenges! BUT I'm good, I'm good to go and to use sharp implements!
 Today's Mail Art is in anticipation of the road trip we'll be taking tomorrow. Headed NOT to Pennsylvania but rather to Asheville, NC.  The reverse of this little card reads: "The Turnpike, stretching 150 miles through the Appalachian mountains between Harrisonburg and Pittsburg, has been so designed as to make it virtually foolproof. No bad curves, no steep grades and no cross traffic." circa 1941.
 The reverse of this little card reads: "At might, sodium vapor lights the tunnel approaches, illuminating the roadway and portal buildings. Inside, mercury vapor lights are used." Circa 1941  There's no date on the cards but I'm thinking it's when the Turnpike first opened.
 I'm giving myself this rosey image in gratitude for my well-being. A lovely rose bud that grew on my neighbors fence a few years ago.
This is a cool image. My honey isolated it on the table top in the studio room he's using for his class. One of the students snapped this photo for him. It's like a painting!

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phonelady said...

Seems like we are both on the road to recovery . This pneumonia kicked my butt and I hope to never have that again it was awful . I hope to hear soon that you are 100%.Safe travel to you .