Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday update

 Last night was the last session of my 2 D design class at the VMFA studio school. I had a small, but fabulous, group of people attended. Here's a display of some of the experiences from the last session. I hope that the students, all adults who are involved in the arts, found the information and experiences useful.
 For Tuesday's mail art, I used two photos, which I'd torn in half.  One is a "found" photo, in that it was given to me by a friend. It came in a box of family photos but no one knew who the people were.
 The other snapshot is one that I'd taken in Paris a number of years ago. It was from the front entry area of Le Lapin Agile up on Montmartre. The snap wasn't particularly interesting, but by tearing it in half and combining it with another, gave it something. I put some transparent papers over the cards and added a vintage Turkish stamp to each.
 Today's mail art uses another of the found photos and a snap I took of a video that was being shown in an art exhibit in Brussels. Again, not a very interesting snapshot by itself. I added a torn strip of some old, yellowed, paper. I like the way it divides the entire piece, and yet it holds together.
Every time I pass this sign, I'm intrigued. It's on a fenced in property in the middle of two alleys in the 2200 block of my street and the street to the north of our house. It's an empty space basically, with some grass and a tin roofed structure with no walls. There is nothing one could hunt or trap (maybe a mouse?) and no body of water one could hope to catch a fish in, so the sign is pretty strange. Why not just a "no trespassing" sign? This seems like "overkill." Have you seen any odd signs recently?

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Margie said...

I would have loved to be in your class dear Mim! Xo