Monday, October 10, 2011

Day #314

 I got some photos from Cheryl in South Africa as something to alter. They're photos she took of desk tops covered in paint! This will be fun to tackle. No cutting allowed rule applies.
 Here's one of my stack of reading materials. Another pile is just books. This will keep my mind occupied for sure.
 My honey got me some of my standard homeopathic remedies. One can't overdose on Rescue Remedy lozenges (no alcohol!)
 My honey also cut up my cereal box for me to make some substrates. Can't let a good cereal box go to waste, or the recycle bin, better to recycle as mail art.
Notice the use of the circles! Think platelets, increased platelets! Stick-ons, already cut out bits, brush ink pen, all good.

My son sent over a Mimobot loaded with Dr. Who episodes for me to upload. Yay! I'm set for  many hours of totally occupied brain time.


phonelady said...

oh my goodness looks like you had a banner day .

Margie said...

Got a bit behind dear Mim. I love these! Do you ever stop?