Saturday, October 29, 2011

Think Small, Mail Art & more

 I'm participating in ThinkSmall again. In the past, I've entered collages and sculptures, but this year I decided to do something conceptual and minimal. I had a small jar that fit the size limitations. I filled the jar 1/2 full with those circles of map that I used to create my skull for the Skull Appreciation exhibit. They're from pages of a Larousse Atlas from 1911 (or earlier.) I call the piece  "Le Monde 1911" DIY collage/100+year old map pieces.   You can shake it like a snow globe and change the shape of the map stacks in the jar.
 These are for my day 331. I used one of the photos labeled 1948 - Opera Martha combined with my photos from back when I was using film.
 I'm very taken by the narrative that gets set up when I combine two disparate photos.
 In today's pieces (day 332) I used a photo that I took at the Tour de France in 1990, in Paris. It's quite uninteresting. I paired each half with half of a photo of my deceased friend's father and his wife.
 The photo of Phil and Pearl was taken in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. I'm using fragments of sentences from an old art history book as titles. "Phil - His emotions woke in me something of a conscious grasp of the problems..."  "Pearl - Expressive emphasis which breaks down their separate identities..."
At the end of my 365 project, I'm going to give away my rubber stamp to someone who's still doing daily mail art.  I"m asking people to send me their name and I'll assign a number, then select the winner via a random number generator. so far, only one person has said that they're interested. Hmmm. I might not need the RNG.


Found art blog said...

Hmmm..... I only have one signed up for MY prize draw too!! Makes things a lot easier though.....!!

phonelady said...

Im interested my dear and Im finally getting some medical help have to see the lung dr on monday because he makes the determination to see if I still need the home oxygen therapy . I still say there is some underlying problems since my lungs presented looking on the scan as ground glass . I guess we shall see . anyways yes I am interested in the stamp . I love rubber stamping as you know .

mim said...

Okay, phonelady, you're in the drawing.

spopod said...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner hope I win the 365 stamp. My husband is in Vegas this weekend so I am channeling him for extra luck. I'm working on my mail art today, good day for it, cold. Thanks Mim

Margie said...

Such a grand idea Mim! Can't believe you are almost done!

Margie said...

That's a grand idea Mim!