Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday update

 Here's another image from Asheville. I love this person's work. They're etched! They look like thread, very delicate. The light catches the etched line and changes the shadings. So cool.
 There was a cabinet full of glass birds. Spectacular. They're very expensive and very worth it if one has the money. These were at the Blue Spiral gallery. The artists' names are problem on their site.
 This is from the original drug store from the turn of the last century, in Biltmore Village. The shop has lots of the old fittings but is a gift and furniture store.
 Monday, I relaxed in my garden. It was probably the last of the hot days for us. My honey got lots of little pumpkins on sale and put them around the tree. We're planning a party with our neighbor, again, in a couple of weeks. I hope the pumpkins last!
 It's amazing, these are day 322 cards. I'm back to the invasion of the painted woman appearing in Tiny Town.
 This one is a bit different but I think it works.
Putting this little pink nude on the landscape made me laugh. How indifferent the hunters are! ha ha ha

Now, I'm down with a cold, so I'll just hang out in the house, and drink tea, and eventually make today's mail art.

We had a lovely weekend in Asheville. The weather was perfect and we are happy that our son has a partner in life.


phonelady said...

I know you are thrilled with the son having a partner in life .I love the glass birds they are really neat and they dont make noise LOL !! Love the post and thanks for sharing .,

Margie said...

Wonderful all the way around except for you having a cold. Is that really an etching??? Wowzers!!!