Saturday, October 15, 2011

W day, day 319, autumn leaf color changing day

 Yesterday afternoon, before heading back to the hotel, we stopped at Green Sage for coffee. My barrista made me an autumn leaf on the top of my cappucino. Delicious.
 This morning, I got up early and made the daily mail art. More scraps from brochures. There is no lack of local material to glean.
 Yesterday morning, we took a walk up the hill behind our hotel and came on this hand hewn wood cross by a little church that looked like a house.
 We turned to go down the hill and found this sign on a fence. I think we are amongst some religiously inclined folks.
 Here are a few things that we saw in Blue Spiral gallery yesterday. I loved this ceramic bunny with funny images on it. I left the artist name in the photo so you could check her out yourself, if you want to see more of her work.
 This chicken plate appealed to me. It's so folk and happy. The artist is Sue Tirrell. She had cool mugs, too.
And how could I not be attracted to this plate of letters, letter writer that I am. You can actually read the notes.  Jennifer Kincaid is the artist. It's called Scattered Notes. It's a nice sized ceramic plate.

I didn't buy any of these pieces, but it sure was tempting. In fact, there wasn't anything I wouldn't have liked in my house in the exhibit called Clay as Canvas, at Blue Spiral.


phonelady said...

sounds like you had a nice adventure . take care .

Margie said...

Hi Mim! My hubby and I went to Ashville a year ago. Glad you enjoyed it. Also glad you are feeling fine. Not sure how I kept missing the platelet thing. You take care my friend. I don't know how you do all you do anyway. Yikes!