Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 318, down in Asheville, NC

 This was a view from Route 40 going through North Carolina last night as the sun was setting. It was a 7 hour drive, thankfully nephew was driving, and we stopped a couple times for necessaries.
 This was captured with my cell phone as we were bouncing along the highway. Can you believe how they turned out like little birds? So cute!
 I'm not sure what these were, but I do like the effects of drive-by photo snapping.
 Today, we explored Asheville. What a lot of things to see and many places to eat yummy food. I had a tofu scrambler with veggie saugage patties for lunch, and it was really satisfying. We went into a really fabulous craft gallery and I fell in love with lots of things. This one piece is by an artist named Robert Johnson and the show is entitled Peru. These are like journal pages, watercolor, colored pencil, ink. So fabulous. He also had large paintings. The Gallery is Blue Spiral.
This is the card I made this morning for day #318 of my 365 project. I'd addressed, stamped and numbered them before I left home. I brought with the butterflies, black paper and purple circle as my basics so I'll just create each day's card with those items and a bit of Asheville.

I, also, bought a little warm hat, which makes me toasty happy. I'm feeling good though very tired. I assume I'm continuing to make platelets, which is excellent. Tomorrow is W day.


Cernjul Viviana said...

Have a great weekend!

phonelady said...

You are loving your trip I can see have fun and safe travels .