Monday, October 17, 2011

A cool machine & some mail art

 It's a gray day, back in Richmond, VA. The weekend was lovely.  We have a daughter-in-law now. Sweet.

This cool machine was not for sale, not that I'd have bought it; because, I already own two vintage machines, but not as COOL as this one. It's so basic and you can see how the parts work.
 This is the last card I made while in Asheville using scraps from brochures. Asheville is definitely an art town. Lots of visual art, crafts, music, and lots of good food. I don't think one can eat a bad meal in that town. We stayed at a hotel up the road from the entrance to the Biltmore Estate, and could walk down the street to Biltmore Village, which is now lots of shops and restaurants but was built around the turn of the last century to support the estate. Workers housing maybe. I'll post a few more pix of the place.
 Today's mail art cards are just fun, playful for me. I'd cut circles out of some images of paintings (Matisse?) and like the way I can create a bit of a transparency thing where the circles overlap the color.
The transparency, or whatever the illusion is, seems stronger on this card. I really like the way it turned out. I didn't spend a lot of time on these, needed to pop them out quickly as the day is going to be spent recovering (shhh, I have a sore throat) laying about, drinking tea, and reading.
Just having lots of bits at hand makes daily making easy.


phonelady said...

Those cards are lovely . I love that vintage typewriter . I would have bought it . Have a rest and hope recovery is swift .

chris said...

Just lovely, Mim - I have a 3 old typewriters (2 of which I used many years ago) - must take photos & post them on the blog. Love the mailart - you are an inspiration.

Margie said...

Welcome home Mim. Rest woman. You are always movin and groovin!

Found art blog said...

Oh Happy Wedding!!! Hope it all went beautifully!!!

joemmama said...

love, love, love that machine!!!!