Monday, October 03, 2011

A big bread, a hammock, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike

 I made myself laugh, I really did, the title for this post made me laugh. It should be followed with something, like, "what do these things have in common?" or "Choose your topic." ha ha ha

This beautiful bread is from Montana Gold, a local bakery that makes really yummy breads. They look good and taste better!
 Go figure, I put my hammock up finally; and now it's kinda chilly out there. It's been in a box in the garage for 2 or more years! I missed having it up. I think I'll spend a bit of time lounging out there, in my sweater and scarf.
 Oh boy was I excited today when I came across a small packet of miniature postcards. Where? Underneath a lot of envelopes in a drawer in my studio. I'd forgotten all about these. As some of you know, I love boring postcards. And these are really amazingly good.
The descriptions on the reverse (hidden now forever) are about the beauty of this highway. They must have been from when it first opened. There's no date on the box or images. You'll be seeing more of them as I plan to use them all up!

These are #307 series. Only 58 more days to go in my 365 project.


phonelady said...

wow a hammock really ? good girl hang that thing outside and enjoy it .

PamelaArtsinSF said...

love those tiny postcards of freeways!