Sunday, October 09, 2011

Day #313, alphabet stamps and received mail.

 Because I am forbidden to cut anything, I've pulled out my  rubber stamp alphabets. They'll be fun to play with, as well as my ink brush pen and stickers. Of course, I have plenty of bits already torn and cut in my stock pile. Curious about why I can't cut? I'm temporarily in a state of low platelets. Scary, but I'm sure I'll make lots more of them daily. Think positive thoughts in my direction.
 No Cutting Allowed - hole reinforcements, ink brush pen line, and a bit of text found on my table top. It works! And look, like increasing little platelets, right?
This is the front of the envelope that I received from my mail art friend, Patricio, in Brazil. Isn't it fabulous. All hand stamped, collaged,  & drawn. He addressed it to Miss Mail Artist and instead of "Mim", which means "me" in portuguese, he wrote "eu" which means "you." I love his sense of humor.


phonelady said...

Gotta love the stamps and the envie from the brazilian friend .

Sue said...

You are making the lemonade from the lemons. Low platelets as a creative inspiration? Who woulda thunk it?

I hope your creativity and your platelets soar.

All the best!

Found art blog said...

No cutting allowed eh. That goes for you as well as mail art I guess....!! I got some of those photos from South Africa too, sent back seriously splattered!! Great fun!