Friday, October 07, 2011

Mail art update and some other stuff

 This is mail art that I received from friends. It's a collaboration of Dean and Katerina. K is my friend from Greece, who happened to visit Paris, and met up with my friend D, who lives there. They had a meet up in a cafe and made mail art! How cool is that?! K used some of the punched out big circles that I sent to her.
 This is the card for day #308. I'd scored a deal on some slides of objects from the Faberge exhibit at the VMFA. Only 50 cents for a bunch of them. I sandwiched one between two pieces of board so the recipient can hold this to the light and see the object. The scan worked out okay. I put white paper behind it. The only thing is that the Washi tape strips aren't parallel. grrr.
 The two cards in the day 309 series are the first ones I'm calling "Invasion of the Painted Women." This one shows some women from a painting by Kirchner.
 This painted woman is by de Kooning. She's so frightful poking her head over the wall.
 Day 311's woman is one by Modigliani. The painting's entitled The Italian Woman. She has such a placid face.
 Today, I'm feeling a bit under-the-weather as we say. So minimal is what I did for day #311.
Some good news:   Noah's been nominated for a People's Design Award! He'd appreciate your vote:
Can you tell I'm excited about this? Big, bold type!


phonelady said...

Lovely tiny town series as always .

Sue said...

I went to the link, and it has all the nominees. Is there an easy way for me to spot your son? a search term perhaps?

What a great accomplishment!

mim said...

Gosh, when I clik the link it takes me to his entry. The entry is #9 under newest category. Eurydice CD design. by ALRdesign - Noah Scalin

Sue said...

Oh. Of course it does. DUH!! (head slap) That is amazing. I voted.