Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, already!?

 This is a detail of a watercolor by my friend who died last Dec. Her birthday would have been celebrated last Friday. I think of her almost every day.  I have incorporated part of this in one of my tattoos, so she's with me all the time.
This card was done for yesterday's daily mail art.
It was day #324. I decided to use 4 things
out of a little storage drawer filled with bits.

This card is day #325's card and I decided to stick with the same drawer of bits, again using only 4 things.  Having a lot of bits already cut out, and a lot of odds and ends, is very helpful to making mail art every single day. It doesn't take very long, though I think that years of teaching basic design comes into play, well, for sure they do. And keeping in mind, simplicity, and not thinking about having to be perfect. Some really wonderful, fun things a have come out of this year's play. I can't believe it's almost over. 

I buy a lot of postage stamps from the USPS, but every once in awhile, I buy some unused, of course, vintage stamps. I don't ask for anything specific, loving the surprise of what's in the envelope. Check out this one! Can you imagine this getting "published" in our current political climate! Okay, postage historians out there, what year was this?


Margie said...

Wait, incorporated into one of your tattoos? You have a tattoo? I'll be darned. You are way too cool Mim! So did you design it? I'm majorly curious xo

Sue said...

Howdy Mim,
I am very experienced at being simple, and imperfect. So, I will declare artistic success! Love the construction from random bits.

Anke Martin said...

Hi Mim, the watercolor art from your friend caught my attention right away. It is comforting to have somebody 'with you' in thoughts. I made that experience this year as's kind of strange but I got used to it, lol.

So I hope you are doing very good! I enjoy your mail's so inspiring!!!
Smiles, Anke :)

PostMuse said...

The Family Planning postage was issued in 1972,|sq=family%20planning|sf=1 The 70s were full of bizarre stamp issues. This one always presents a bit of a conundrum when I get it in my monthly vintage postage shipment.