Monday, September 19, 2011

Mail Art and more

 I was going through my boxes of received mail art. I pulled out some items that came in envelopes, including this postcard, which I altered a bit and am sending back to the person who sent it. I think she'll be surprised as I've had it for a year or more.
 This arrived a couple of days ago. A colorfully painted envelope filled with IUOMA items including my very own membership card. This is exciting. It was sent by Ruud Janssen, the founder of the IUOMA.
Yesterday, we attended a wedding. It was lovely. Here's a photo that I took with my cell phone, which I'm seeing as a painting from another era, with the women in long dresses, right? I might need to start painting again inspired by this.

What an interesting weekend. A memorial service and a wedding, two life cycle events. Keeps one grounded, that's for sure.


Margie said...

Ooh, fun package to receive and yes, that photo does look old fashioned. Xo

phonelady said...

You are such a fun person Mim I love you dearly . take care .