Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mail art & more

 Yesterday, I returned to Tiny Town and added some children, peeping over the wall. It was a challenge to come up with some titles, I don't know why, but it was.

 Each card said "The children were allowed to visit Tiny Town" then I added something to each one, referring to the child in it. The first one was the little boy. It said "Monroe said 'Cool!' The residents worried that he'd be mischievous."  The second one with the little girl (boy?) said "Tyler was quietly observant. The residents found her visit unsettling"
 On this one, I added: "Madison imagined living there. The residents liked her sweet smile."  The faces came from a 1965 LIFE magazine. The children were attending some British royal event.
 It's raining this morning, quite a downpour. We won't be going to the pool, possibly all week, as rain is predicted. I'll miss the swimming and Duckie. I've improved this year, which is nice, as I'm not a very good swimmer. I splash about too much, but I like being in the water.

I went to see the downed tree yesterday and took photos of the leaves. I'll post those soon and see if we can get an identification.
I put a couple new things in my shop on Etsy. I'm not moving on photographing my items, for some reason. I like to take the photos outdoors so I guess this week will be out for posting more. I have a big stock because of preparing for the festival last month. I'm also getting ready to make a bunch of them out of Vintage Tea Towels for a spring event. So much to do, all good.

Oh, here's a sad thought, the United States Postal Service can't pay it's bills and says it may have to close down this winter. WHAT!!!????  Read about it here.   


phonelady said...

I'm sorry but the post office always threatens to do as such and Im sorry for them but honestly I dont believe it . The gas people always say some such nonsense on why gas is going up . sorry but you hear so much it is hard to believe anything you hear anymore .

Margie said...

Not only do you create fab mail art, you have to come up with titles and such! Yikes! I hope to open an etsy shop this fall!

Found art blog said...

Closing down postal services over winter? with all the online purchasing for Christmas? Plus sending out wrapped presents?? There'll be uproar!!!