Monday, September 05, 2011

About a Pen, and mail art received

 I was going through a LIFE magazine from 28 May 1965, looking for something for a Tiny Town card when I saw this advertisement for a pen. OMG!! Just read the copy. "Girl-sized hands" Hmmm, was this aimed at female children? "Lady-like hands" Hmmm, was this aimed at royalty? My goodness, how could I ever hold a "man-sized jotter?"  aaagh! Comments welcome on this one for sure.
My young neighbor put this through my mail slot so I'm counting it as mail art. She's quite the artist!


lee said...

we have come along way have we not, love your neighbour mailart

phonelady said...

What a lovely thing to find in your mail slot. I want to scream at that ad for little lady hands LOL !!! Oh my can I lift that heavy box LOL !!!!