Thursday, September 08, 2011

Oh My it's almost Friday!!

 These first two pieces of mail art were done earlier this week. I wove strips from an old map of London, Ontario, Canada, that my friend Alexis sent me. I'd started weaving maps back in 2002 and hadn't done it for awhile.  They needed a dark background to make them the focus.
 The butterfly stickers, also, came from Alexis. They're quite old as they aren't self-adhesive. They have to be moistened! Old school stickers. I tied things together with some Washi tape. Yes, the tape unites, not divides. That's my visual take on it.
 In these next two woven map pieces, I decided to create a line by sewing. In the first, I used a pale blue thread then went to black thread. Definitely, the black works better, appearing to be a pencil line.

 Don't you love this tea bag wrapper? I got a box of Live Forever tea for my birthday and just opened the box. I like these wrapprers a lot. I'll use them in collages some time soon.
 Here's my honey standing under a tree that had fallen behind a neighbor's house on the next block. There are two cars under it. It pulled down the electricity lines (for those of you in other countries, our electric lines are above ground.) There appears to be some quibbling about who takes care of what and our neighbors have been without power way long.
Here are the leaves from the huge tree that came down in Paradise Park. The one with the seed cluster that I showed previously. I still don't know what the tree is but someone out there might be able to identify it from the leaf structure. By the way, that tree is still down across someone's back garden. It's not been cut up or pulled out of the way yet. It appears that the storm is still causing trouble for people.   Any ideas about the tree?


phonelady said...

I have no idea on the tree but love what you did with the map .

PamelaArtsinSF said...

I'm with phonelady -- no idea about the tree but I too love the map postcards. I love maps so it follows. And the Buddha tea is going to be good too....

mim said...

The tree has been identified: it's an Ash tree.