Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mail Art update and a bit more

 More of my woven map pieces done over the past few days. I like the way the black background makes the map pop off the surface.
 The black stitching definitely reads as line and I like that. Like a path, a route.
 I decided to give the line some meaning, not be just wandering but rather the flight of a butterfly.
 It's appropos, the butterfly, right now, as another of our colleague/friends has passed on, as "they" say. His spirit is off with the butterflies now.
 This is this morning's Tiny Town card, a big visitor from 1965. What is he thinking, what is that expression? I'm not sure, nor do I think the residents of Tiny Town are. They appear to ignore him.
 In this one, the woman is so in the face of the little riders. She's just beaming at them. I think her sunglasses would be annoying to them, or at least, distracting.
This lovely flower was on the table at a restaurant where we had lunch the other day, and learned that our colleague was in hospice. Yesterday, he died. It was so quick that we didn't get the chance to visit, so it goes.

Here's to you, old friend!


phonelady said...

Sorry about the friend's passing . I know we found out my husbands aunt passed a couple of months ago and no one told us . I think we were the last ones to visit her . I love your art cards they are fasinating .

Margie said...

Aw, sorry about your friend Mim. Always enjoy the people imposed mail art and the map weaving is neato!

Sandra said...

Loving these map inspired art pieces. I am now a follower.