Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Documentary, mail art, and a hall

 I went for an appointment this morning, and this corridor reminded me in someways of the one in the Cite in Paris. A long hall with doors on either side and a window at the end. So simple, so unidentifiable, so quiet.  I wanted to take this photo as I won't see this again. My dermatologist is moving to a new office space.
This is my mail art piece on day #296 today. Another story about Tiny Town. Can you guess what the title might be?

This evening, we watched a documentary called Wasteland, about the Brazilian artist Vic Muniz and the workers at the landfill in Rio called Jardim Gramacho. It was very moving and if you can get hold of a copy of it, I highly recommend seeing it.

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phonelady said...

I will look for that documentary thanks for the reccomendation . take care and have a great day .