Friday, July 29, 2011

#241a&b, Duckie, dessert, seeds, and my sewing update

 Today's mail art is more of my three items minimal pieces. I added a graphite line to each of them, however.
 I've been wanting to do some graphite line work, but I'm not quite where I want to be with it. These look a bit researched, not spontaneous enough, yet. I'll play with this a bit more.
 Last night, my honey made some shortcakes and invited friends over for dessert. Shortcake, ice cream (non-dairy for moi) peaches and a blackberry sauce, and topped with home made whipped cream. yum!
 This morning, my honey didn't plan to go to the pool but I wanted to go for a bit of exercise. The pool water was totally still, no one had been in it yet, and Duckie was hanging out in a corner. His nose has black grease on it, which leads me to believe he got caught in the "cave" at some point. The water is NOT refreshing. It's warm bath water temperature, but still I do love getting to swim a bit.
 Here's some of my sewing out put. I put buttons on several of them last night, while we had our friends over. Couldn't totally stop with the making process. Today, my sewing machine was being difficult, but after a quick consult with the internet, I got it fixed. Whew. I made several small change purses and a vintage tea towel purse. I'm sure I'll have a nice quantity for the Festival, at this rate of production.
Yesterday, I got a package of neckties from PalmyPen/Lesa (what I'll make out of them, I do not know) and a packet from my older sister in California. I thought this was a package of pasta, but it's not. It's seeds from her agapanthus flowers. I'm not sure they'll grow here, or how to plant them, but what the heck, I'll put them in the ground and wish them "good luck." The 2009 magazine has an article on the Ennis House. That's the house that's been used in lots of movies and tv shows, like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.


phonelady said...

Oh wow warm bath water temps huh ? neckties wow I cannot imagine what you would make out of those . Nice pockets .

Found art blog said...

Oh, glad you got them!! She was telling me last week that she was going to take the ties to the charity store but I suggested she offer them to you first.... I'm sure there's pocket purses in them somehow!!!

Margie said...

Do you ever stop dear Mim? Just curious.