Monday, July 18, 2011

Mail Art, and some travel photos.

 I made this piece on Sunday, using bits I got from a brochure from the Winery we went to on Saturday. It's the Brooklyn Winery and they made really nice wine. Who'd have thought! We took a tour and had a tasting. If you are in the area, definitely go there.
 This was made this morning. Back to my altered card mode. I'm not totally pleased with this one. The arm doesn't quite work with the pigs. I tried.
 This is the view from our hotel window, the Radisson hotel, right off exit 12 on the New Jersey Turnpike. Easy to get from there into Manhattan via the Holland or Lincoln Tunnels.
 I spotted these clowns having lunch. I was like, Why were they still in makeup and eating lunch!? Then we walked a bit further and there were a whole bunch more and, voila, a sign, Cirque du Soleil! They were perfomers on their lunch break. Cool, right?
 There were these lovely bas-relief pieces above the doors all around the 30 Rock building. Notice the reflection in the window. I hadn't seen it until I looked at my photo.
 Do any of you know about or remember Lite Bright? It was/is a great kids toy. We had one, which N. used for one of his skull pieces (skull-a-day) but actually it belongs to M. I loved "finding" this giant Lite Bright in a store window.
Walking the High Line. It was SO hot. I was glad to have my umbrella to use as a parasol. The High Line has been extended since we last walked it.

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