Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sightseeing and more.

 Our nephew and his wife are visiting us from California.  We wish it weren't so hot and humid but we couldn't do much about that so on a very very hot day, we headed up the pike to Washington, D.C.
Here's photo from inside the huge Air and Space Museum.
 The Capitol building was just so picture perfect. My photo looks like a postcard, right? To bad it was so hot that we felt like we were getting heat stroke! We tried to stay indoors for a long time.
 This Merman sculpture was at the National Museum of American Indians, which is a gorgeous building, with fabulous exhibits. We spent a very long time there and learned a lot, plus we ate lunch there, as there's interesting food choices based on various native foods. Lots of vegetarian choices!
 The next day, fully recovered, we went to the Virginia State Capitol building, which was designed by Thomas Jefferson. We took a tour, actually 2, We caught the end of one, and then picked up the start of another, and we learned a lot. This is a sculpture of George Washington, done from life and life sized. 
 Sad news about the dove. Yesterday, I checked on her, and this is what was left: her simple twiggy nest was a mess, and there were some feathers, and that was it. No birds. A hawk? A cat? Who knows, but we're sad she's gone.
 Last night we had a birthday party in our patio for both myself and my honey. We invited our friends, and the neighbors, and asked them to bring food to share. What a feast. All of our friends are very good cooks. There were salads, fruits, cheeses, noodles with peanut sauce, a Turkish dish, a Persian dish, shrimp, chicken and pasta, pork barbeque, and more, plus desserts, and our birthday cakes. We didn't get a good photo of them as we just started to cut them up and eat them. 
 Mine had a curly design and my honey had stripes, like his art work. They were tres leches cakes and quite delicious. We danced a lot, which was fun. AND no one called the police on us. Possibly because   all the neighbors were there. Who's left to complain?
I had to include this little critter. This squirrel was very friendly. He came up to us while we were sitting on a ledge at the Police Memorial in D.C. I think maybe people sit out there at lunch time and share with the squirrels. It was quite used to people. 


phonelady said...

oh it looks like you had a lovely time . so sad about the dove I hope she was not killed . I used to have a whole slew of squirrels that used to come up and get peanuts and my maintenance man used to say to me "you talk to them like they are kids " and I used to tell him I rather think they like it . Yes that squirrel is most likely taking things from people and being a clown and they enjoy it and he gets fat LOL !!!

PrixMadonna said...

So sorry about the dove.

Margie said...

Aw, what a fun celebration! Headed to DC on Sunday. Xo

Anke Martin said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mim and to your husband!!! Sounds like a great time! I found time to finally visit my favorite blogs again. I see you are traveling some more, that sounds good! We did some traveling too last week, to Disneyland Paris, but 4 days is enough with 3 small kids, lol! So I am off to check out your new mail art and posts.
Have a great time traveling with family, smiles, Anke ;)