Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mail Art and catching up

 Yesterday morning, the Duck appeared to be seeking shelter in the "cave" by the side of the pool. The water was, naturally, quite warm. What's new?
 I sent this off two days ago but it returned to me yesterday. Why? I forgot to put postage on it, which happens infrequently, fortunately. Now the ladies are on their way again.
 I altered a couple more of the Utrillo city view paintings using two figures that I cut out of a Renoir painting. I wonder if they'll make it through the USPS, or there'll be some censorship. Prurient art?

 The first card said something about the residents of Tiny Town waking to find a large model was present and the second one said something about when the second large artist's model appeared they knew something was happening. (I'm paraphrasing myself.) I have such fun with the titles.

The other morning, the light was coming in through the glass blocks and causing a ripple effect on the floor of the shower area. So pretty, my own space and I really enjoy the way it looks
I went with a friend to have lunch yesterday, and we tried out a new little cafe, The Franklin Inn,a few blocks away, in what's called The Museum District.  The owner brought the space back to it's original 1930's look. The food was good, they have Stella Artois and Amstel on tap (lately I'm enjoying an occassional beer) and we got to speak with the manager about ideas for their menu. Cool!

Okay, back to the sewing machine. I've been busy making purses/pockets. I wore down my needle! Just changed to a new one this morning, and am set to go again.


phonelady said...

Wow well you keep on , keeping on . Good for you and I enjoy your pockets they are awesome. stay cool and enjoy your beer .

Barbara said...

Hey! I got your 239a, the second large artist's model. I guess the Tiny Town residents must have tiny easels and tiny brushes and tiny paints. I wish I could shrink down and join them. Keep cool, happy pockets/purses. xo, bb