Monday, July 18, 2011

More of our trip photos

 We were sitting near 30 Rock, and so was this guy. We liked the way he looked like a character.
 St. Patrick's cathedral on 5th Avenue.
 My nephew took this Empire State building photo, with his nice, big, digital camera with telephoto lens.
 Times Square, of course. It was so busy, jammed with tourists, like us. We waited on line here, at the TKTS booth for our tickets to see MEMPHIS, which was really, really good.
 These dancers were publicizing the musical, Chicago.
These lovely ballet dancers were performing at the South Street Seaport. How unusual for street performers. We'd never seen classical dancers doing this before. It must have been a challenge to work on the uneven board walkway.

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phonelady said...

New York is defiately a city full of life .