Tuesday, July 05, 2011

#217 mail art & other stuff

 This is today's mail art. I'm at day #217 in the year long project but the is like my 422nd or something like that card made and sent. I didn't have a title for this one, but it needs something good. Any ideas?
 This photo is my current profile photo on Facebook. It was taken in 1965 on my first visit to Paris. It was spring, I was there with my mother. I was wearing white gloves and hose and high heeled shoes. oh my. Same hair do and color as I have now, round in a circle. Maybe I'll take another photo in this same spot next time I'm in Paris!
 This is my former student Michael-Birch Pierce, who is now a graduate student at SCAD. He's doing an embroidery portrait. He's going to do one of my honey and I in a couple weeks.
The sun light was coming through the lanterns strung over the patio. I liked the way they looked. It's hot out there, though, and humid. Not good to be out there at the moment.


Skybridge Studios said...

I love your photos and glad I finally made it over here to say hi. Kicking myself for not getting here sooner, but to find you there on the sidewalks of Paris. What fun!

phonelady said...

Love this post .