Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taking a break, more mail art, more Duckie, more...

 Here's today's mail art #240 (that close to the 365 mark) which is the number of the day, but I've sent over 400 cards so far.  I've entitled this one: "Paula liked to dress in colonial garb and discourse on abstract expressionist art. The visual anomaly tickled her."  I tickle myself with the titles.
 Yesterday, Duckie was headed for the "cave."
 When we arrived at 08h00 today, the pool was calm and Duckie was sheltering behind the stairway pole.   I love how the water appears to be a different color each day.
 Here's some mail that I received from my Mail Art friend Dean, sent from Paris, with barely any damage to it. On the reverse, he give facts about the longevity of both diamonds and styrofoam.
There is an enormous bush in a neighbor's front garden, filled with big blossoms. I think it's some type of hydrangea. It's withstanding the high temperatures and humidity beautifully.

Back to the sewing machine, my friends.


phonelady said...

wow so much beauty around us each day huh ? I like the flower .

mabb said...

I feel like I really know Duckie...the water in the early morn, so calm...and pretty...I enjoy seeing the water pictures that you post!