Monday, July 04, 2011

Mail art catch up, #214series through 216

 "Baby Leo sounds the call, Run, Fox, Run."
I have so much fun deciding what to call these altered cards.
 Here we are with Tiny Town again. This time, I'm calling the baby, Baby Goldie. What a face.
 I decided to do a couple of colorful cards with minimal imagery. The non-word is another attempt at asemic writing. "It looks like language but you can't read it."

 I've been waiting for the right thing for the woman to sit on and the tiger proved to be the perfect scale. Another tiny attempt at asemic text is in the upper corner.
Here's the new first class forever stamp that just got issued. My honey ordered them as we were worried they wouldn't show up at the post office. Tomorrow, I'll head over there to post some mail and see if they have any in stock. We love the images. Industrial design classics.

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