Monday, July 25, 2011

Mail Art, Asemic book project, and more

 Yesterday, I went minimal with my daily mail art. I needed to do that after doing several, to my eye, busy series.
 Today's daily mail art is also minimal. I used the rule of THREE. I picked up what was, literally, at hand, and placed it on the blank.
 These felt very satisfying to me, as they were very calm. And I'm needing to stay calm as I'm embarking on another stretch of sewing sewing sewing in anticipation of this year's Johnny Z Fest. I'll be doing a table of my purses/pockets again.
 This is the back cover of the chapter that I did for a project initiated by a couple of people in my union (IUOMA.) We had to create something asemic, 8 pages, to go out to 15 people. Daunting! 16 people per book. The numbers were daunting.
 This is the front page. I looked at examples of asemic work and tried some handwritten stuff, but it just wasn't me. So I cut up type.
 This is the page 2 and 3 spread. I wish that I'd done something to link across the spread but I didn't. oh well. I glued each strip of type individually; I was amazed at my patience.
 This is the center spread, pages 4 and 5.
 This is page 6 & 7 spread.  I had the pages copied and I added something to each page so that no two are alike. The chapter is folded to open, book like.  I've received 6 plus my own chapter, so I've got lots more to come. I hope no one backs out of this. We'll learn how to "bind" the chapters into a book from Cheryl Penn, a book artist, from South Africa. I sent out the last 7 of my chapters today, to artists in the U.S., the Netherlands, Canada, and Brazil.

 See the cute kitties? A young mother cat and 2 kittens found their way to my son and STBDIL's house. They have two rescued cats of their own, but have been caring for these outdoors. They need homes  badly. If anyone is near my hometown, or knows anyone near my hometown, who might give one or all a home, let me know. They're mighty cute. I wish I could take them.
A former student of mine is now a graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design in fiber arts. He was in town for a bit this summer and was doing embroidered portraits at Quirk Gallery. My honey and I had ours made by him. He does this with free-hand machine embroidery. Amazing to see him work. He made me thinner (love him) and my honey a bit wider than he is, but, all in all, quite a likeness. Check his work out, here.

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