Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mail art Up date - 234 and 235 series

 I made a series of four cards out of a large board I'd covered with magazine photos and Washi tape. Yesterday, I cut out circles from the brochure about the Fabulous Faberge exhibit at our museum (VMFA.) I thought the cards were too busy for my taste, so I only added the circle to them, which gave each card a focal point.
 This is probably my favorite card of the series. You can see why, it's simpler than the others.
 I've always been fond of the letter "X" and wished my name had an "x" in it. But Mxm is like a date in Roman numbers and how would one pronounce that? Or Mimx, with a silent "x?" No, not working. But I do like "X."
 This circle came from a framed portrait of the Tsarevich, which was inside of an enamel and jeweled egg.
 Today, I thought about cold watermelon and picnics with a cool breeze under a shady tree! Not happening here. The water in the pool was so hot and it's predicted that we'll have temps over 100F. So I make cool mail art!
Another picnic card, a chill pound cake, a cool breeze, under a shady tree. I'm feeling the image.

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PamelaArtsinSF said...

Very cool, Mim! You need something cool there -- I was just looking at your temperatures of over 100'.