Thursday, July 21, 2011

HOT day, mail art, and our river James

 It is so hot out and the air is so thick, that it's hard to breathe.  I took N. to the train station this morning, then went to the office supply store and then went to the super market. While I know I'm fortunate to have a vehicle, mine is 12 years old and has no air conditioning. As soon as I got to the super market, the icy air hit me hard, so I picked up a bottle of one of those vitamin waters with electrolytes and opened it immediately.   It helped. I stayed in the store longer than needed to cool off before facing the oven again. I know I'm not alone, but I can't help being amazed - I'ts rare to see my car thermometer read 37c/98.7F.
 I decided to make a couple of series of Mail Art this morning. I haven't made multiples for awhile. I tool two mat boards and covered them with pages from a design/photo magazine.
 I added Washi tape to one of the boards.
 I was able to get 4 standard postcard sized pieces from each board, plus a couple of smaller pieces.

 Here's one of the finished pieces from one of the boards. I used one of the vintage postage stamps I got in Istanbul, a Blue stamp sent to me by Jenni Hinchcliff, and a lovely open eye. I added the tape because the card didn't seem interesting enough.  I'll work on the others later today.
 On the last day that my nephew and his wife were here, I took her to see some Richmond sites. One is an overlook in Church hill. Andy and I had talked about Richmond, Virginia being named after Richmond on Thames, just a couple weeks ago. On the hill, they've made a little park and put up an informative sign and a photo of Richmond on Thames. Our view must have been so lovely before industrialization. Still, our river is pretty attractive from up there on the hill.


Margie said...

It is unbearable in Dc. Had to come back to the apt. How I feel for those without air in this kind of heat.

andytgeezer said...

Been up that hill many many times Mim! I'll try and get a pic of it next time for you