Monday, July 04, 2011

Post birthday catching up

 So much has gone on since I last posted. On the 30th, I did a workshop using Mail Art as the medium. I'll post more on that next, but I didn't get to do any posting, then came a busy Friday, then my birthday and wow the days flew, though I did make mail art daily. Amazingly!

This is the new patio arrangement, like a little living room. It's been too hot during the day, but we sat out there a couple of nights, and chatted, just me and my honey.
 This is the cake we were surprised with by Micheal Sparks at a happy hour he called on Friday. He's showing Chuck's photos at his design studio/gallery. We were sooo surprised. The cake was delicious, a tres leches cake. We liked it so much that we're having more for our birthday party fun. We're having a pot luck fiesta!
 Here are two things that I got for my birthday from my son and STBDIL. They think the pen will only last 3 years in my case. I'll let you know how long it actually lasts. The other item, in case you aren't a Dr. Who fan, is a Dalek keychain torch (flashlight.) I'm delighted by both items.
Here's our little dove. She sits there so still and pays no attention to me as I poke my mobile phone into her space. Her next is so flimsy. I hope the eggs hatch and we get to see some of those big dove babies.


phonelady said...

Oh happy belated birthday . I love your gifts that you photographed . I hope we all get to see those dove babies LOL !!!

PrixMadonna said...

Happy birthday, Mim. I am so excited to see your dove's family progress. Mourning doves are my favorite birds.