Monday, July 04, 2011

My workshop

 As I mentioned in an earlier post, last Thursday, I did a workshop for the Joan Oates Institute. The medium was Mail Art, the message, to encourage the incorporation of art into all areas of learning at all grade levels.
 I had ten participants, who taught different grades and/or subjects and even one speech therapist. It was a terrific group.
 I guided them through 3 different experiences. After each one, we put the pieces on the board and talked about what they got from doing it and how they'd use it in their classrooms.
 I had only 2 hours, so I was moving fast, and they worked steadily. I didn't have time to do much photographing of the pieces on the wall. Grabbed only a few and these give you an idea of what the work looked like.
 I brought all my tins full of scraps, as the participants wouldn't have had time to cut anything out.
 I brought all of the supplies. I think they were happy to come to a workshop empty handed for a change.
 At the end, I gave each of them, a Tiny Town postcard. I asked them to change it up and send me a scan of what they did. This one was left behind for me, but alas, no identification. What fun to see a robot in Tiny Town. I'm sure the residents were amazed but hopefully not terrified.
I was exhausted at the end, and I think the participants had worked up quite a sweat, too. Hopefully, a few will become regular Mail Art makers. At least, I hope they'll use what they learned in their classrooms.


phonelady said...

It is so nice to see what other people's mail art looks like thanks for sharing .

Anke Martin said...

Uhh, that sounds sooo exciting!!!!! Hope you have soon another one! Sharing creativity, rocks!
Smiles, Anke ;)