Saturday, July 09, 2011

Catching up on Mail Art and other stuff

I used a cereal box for the base of #220.

I went by Gallery 5 for the ending of the Skull Appreciation Day exhibit, and they were having a yard sale there. I scored some 1965 editions of Life and McCall's. I could have gotten more but realized I'd broken my own rule: no more stuff, use what I've got (yes, Jordan, I remembered the rule! But over rode it!)
#219 was done on a base from a cereal box. It would have been enough with the old pansy flower and dots but I really missed using my Washi tape and somehow the gingham fit with the 1959 era flower.   I did another with the torn color paper, which I'm finding very satisfying, but then this morning, I really felt called to alter another card. These Cycladic figure ones are challenging, but I like seeing them as calm, balanced This one I entitled "Nilsa demonstrated her balancing act for the Big O Circus." Fun!
Our dove is still there and now has 3 teeny babies as of 2 days ago. I didn't want to disturb her so I'm staying far back and peeking. No photos for a bit.


phonelady said...

Oh you must take pics of the dove babies when you can . I love the new babies . so awesome . I love your mail art cards as well .

PrixMadonna said...

I especially love the Cycladic figure cards, Mim. I meant to make it over to the Gallery 5 sale today, and never got there. Sounds like it was fruitful!

Margie said...

Home for a couple of days before we leave again so I am playing catch up with my favs! My panda purse goes everywhere with me, camera and batteries at the ready. I LOVE it. Enjoy your Sunday my friend. And belated Happy Birthday! I had it on my calendar, but it got by me as we were away. XO