Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bricolage & Quincaillerie

Do it yourself and Hardware. The basement of BHV (Bay Ahsh Vay) is huge and filled with hardware. They offer do it yourself workshops, too. It has a section for shower heads, wall heaters that are so thin, fake fireplaces, electrical bits and parts, tools - both hand and power-, garden stuff, flower bulbs, lamp bulbs, wood, plexiglass, plumbing stuff, leather for making stuff and repairing shoes, lots of different colors of shoe polish,signs for shops, house numbers, things for making wine, bags of corks, parts and parts and on and on. It's like nothing we've ever seen anywhere else. I'd read in one of our guide books that they have a cafe fixed up like an old work shop. We walked the entire basement, or so we thought, and didn't find it. Not even a scent of coffee. We went back upstairs and looked at the directory. "Cafe -1," which meant there was a cafe downstairs. Back we went on the escalator, found a person to ask, and he pointed over my shoulder. The cafe was just behind us a bit. What a neat little place. We had to take pictures of it to share.There was another couple having coffee and taking pictures, just like us. We took some of the free postcards, too.

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eileen said...

Oh my gosh - Russ would be in that hardware store for hours!