Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ernesto Leto

What an amazing Art day we had yesterday. We had an invitation to the inaugaration of the installation by the Brazilian artist, Ernesto Leto. This was the opening event for the Festival d'Automne and we got the invitation when we purchased the tickets for two dance programs. The work is in the Pantheon, and to be quite honest, neither Chuck nor I thought we'd like it very much. Based on the image we saw in the publicity, we'd never have gone to see it. With this special invitation, though....we had to show it at the fence gate, then we had to turn it in at the front door. We stepped inside and our mouths dropped! Literally! The space inside is enormous and it was taken over with this lycra filled with styrene or sand shapes. Watching people coming in and seeing their looks showed us what we must have looked like. Awe struck. I hope Chuck's photos give you an idea of the enormity of it. I took a photo of the floor plan from the brochure, too, hoping that will help you see this piece. The artist was there, and we heard the last of the dignitaries speaking as we came in. We didn't get to speak with Leto as he was taken off to a reception. Wow! I'm so glad we experienced this.

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