Saturday, September 16, 2006

Agnes Varda and us.

Yesterday morning, we set off by Metro to the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, where Agnes Varda had an installation. We are so crazy about her, ever since Mica recommended that we see her film "The Gleaners and I." We now own a copy of that film and both Chuck and I share it with our students. I've even had a couple of students tell me that it changed their lives! Amazing. We liked the way the content was presented and the materials used, We weren't allowed to take any photos, so we ended up buying the book. But the book is more than the show. It has little drawings, comments, other things in it. Since we couldn't take photos, I took a photo of the program and a postcard, which is replicated very large within the exhibit itself and has parts that open to show videos. Chuck took a picture of me and I'm either wiping my nose cause I'm sad we couldn't take pictures, or I have an itchy nose. Your choice. The tile is on the ground and a sculpture outside the entryway. The building was very modern and houses the corporate offices of Cartier on the upper floors with the Gallery on the first, sous-sol, and a book store on a loft.

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