Friday, September 29, 2006

The Promenade Plantee, encore.

Thursday was our last day with Dennis and Nesbit. We decided to meet at Opera Bastille and walk the Promenade Plantee, maybe going further than we did the previous time. It was a beautiful day for the walk. We chatted, walked, looked, smelled flowers, chatted more. Many of the buildings were interesting to look at but two in particular were very exciting. A building housing a police station had these enormous sculptural figures. Michaelangelo's slave, Nesbit said. Wow! The other one was this very contemporary building bisected by the promenade. We stopped where there was a park, took more photos, then descended to Avenue Dausmenil to return by street level, looking into all of the workshops. There was a shop that repaired and restored old linens, one that restored old frames, another for glass making, another for silk flower making (since 1859) one that did something with musical instruments, one with beautiful porcelaine. We could see the people doing their work. What a great place to take a walk.

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Nesbit N Hatch said...

Mim, this was a quitessential Parisian experience for me. Walking along the elevated park promenade and the return on the ground, looking at all the artisan specialist shops. It was a wonderful shared experience with you, esp for our last day in Paris! xxoo Nesbit