Friday, September 08, 2006

Atelier #8317

It's hard to describe how I felt as the shuttle drove down the street in front of the building. Like a home-coming? It was all so familiar, like we'd been here just a few days ago. The gate is the same, the reception area where Chuck filled out the paperwork was changed, the security doors leading to the elevator is new, the elevator is the same, as is the hallway, with the buttons that you must push to activate the lights as you go along to the atelier. And the smell seems the same. The toilet is to the right as you enter into the little entry hall, there's a new shower stall with a curtain...that's a BIG difference and a welcome one. The main studio work space is the same with the same sparse furnishing, ditto the sleeping area. The kitchen has a refrigerator in it now, twice the size of the one that used to be on the main area floor. Well, it's as we remembered it, basically, all 21'X22'. Nice to be back! Now to make this place our home for 2 months.

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Kris Iden said...

MIm I have to smile looking at these beds and the tiny kitchen... so like our temp apt that we finally left. I was not nearly as positive in my attitude (as you are) about those accomodations, yours actually look alot nicer - our kitchen was bigger but didn't have that attractive blue tile.
the work space also looks nice and big - what sorts of things will you all work on?