Monday, September 18, 2006

Lunch in the Marais

We went through the Marais Sunday between touring buildings. Because the Jewish neighborhood is open on Sunday, people flock to it. The falafel stands were busy, the restaurants filled, the narrow streets crowded with people. We had lunch at Mickey's Deli. Check out the sign! Chuck had a hot dog sandwich, but it was TWO thin hot dogs on a looong bun. I didn't get a picture of it unfortunately, but I did snap one of my salad, which was enough for two or three people! The couple next to us were from Florida & we had a nice chat with them. We bought two pastries to have later in the evening when Carla came by. She's the young Chilean artist, who lives in Vienna. One pastry was called a Mazurki and one a chocolate roulade; they weren't very sweet, more bread like.

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