Friday, September 15, 2006

Another opening.

Last night we walked along the Seine, to an opening at a gallery on the left bank. Our friend Keith had work in the show and we were meeting up with him and Ruth. The gallery was packed with people spilling out onto the tiny sidewalk, with buses and cars going by on the tiny street. It was very close quarters. We drank champagne, talked to artists & art students, visited with our friends. It was very lively, as there were many openings in the area. Chuck saw this Noguchi lamp in a shop window. It's the original, not a repro, he said. When we left the opening, we took a different route back to the Cite. Down little streets crowded with people eating at cafes, through a passage with a roughly cobbled street (watch my step) until we reached St. Germaine de Pres. We saw the most scary looking chocolates in a shop window...little alien first we weren't sure of what we were looking at. Then we wanted to buy one, only 9 euro each!! We'd eat those very slowly for sure. Thea was with us and we stopped to show her Shakespeare and Company bookstore, with it's racks of books in English, used and new ones. After chatting a bit there, looking at the towers of Notre-Dame, beautifully lit up, exclaiming aloud "How lucky we are. We're in Paris!" we continued our walk. It started to rain but we made it to the Cite before the storm hit. Lightening and thunder, what a show from our studio's big windows.

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